Hawkmatix is a hub for financial analysis and trading software development. We publish projects and reports that cover a wide range of topics including trading, finance, mathematics, and computer science. Most projects and reports approach problems from a mathematical standpoint and include derivations of principles and numerical solutions. All projects are open source, freely available, and well documented. We rely on volunteers to research, develop, and report findings. Donations are extremely appreciated. Below is a bit of additional information about some of our volunteers and history.


Hawkmatix was originally conceived in the summer of 2012 as a developer of high level, mathematically based indicators and strategies for use with the NinjaTrader platform. One year later the need for a broader, open source approach took over and a transition occurred. What Hawkmatix is now is a collaboration of multiple volunteers in the mathematics, computer science, and business fields, among many others. Our sole purpose is to contribute ideas and formulate solutions to projects posed.