This is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) for Hawkmatix projects. This FAQ is intended to supplement, not replace, the Hawkmatix project manuals.

What is Hawkmatix?

Hawkmatix is a source for financial analysis and trading software development. We approach problems from a mathematical standpoint and are interested in studying the science of trading. Our goal is to provide quality open source software to the financial industry.

Who uses Hawkmatix?

Mainly traders and financial analysts use Hawkmatix projects.

Who develops Hawkmatix?

Hawkmatix projects come about from research and development done by a variety of different people. The original projects and software that would eventually become Hawkmatix began in about 2006 with Andrew Hawkins.

Why Hawkmatix?

Hawkmatix spawned from the need for open source and freely available research, projects, and reports in the trading and finance industries.

Are Hawkmatix projects developed for any platform?

Commonly, projects will include software associated with a particular trading platform. As of now, NinjaTrader is the only supported platform. Additional platforms may be added in the future.

How are Hawkmatix projects licensed?

Projects are open source and available to anyone under the GNU Lesser General Public License, reports and other site content are covered under the GNU Free Documentation License.

How can I obtain a Hawkmatix project?

Source code for projects is available on the specific project’s page or GitHub, where you are sure to get the latest version. Since projects are distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License, you can get projects from a friend who has a copy, or from the Hawkmatix website. Depending on the platform the project is developed for, pre-compiled binary packages may be available on the specific project’s page.